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welcome to sheth multilink pvt ltd. we are leading manufacturer of world class quality standard cast iron powder. we are regular importers of various quality ferrous and non ferrous scrape in india from usa, latin america, europe, fareast and middle east.

We are one of the largest manufactures of Cast Iron Powder (CAS# 7439-89-6) in India. We regularly supplies to many national and multinational companies in India. Our quality and commitment is of very high standard. We are manufacturing Best Quality Iron Powder since last more than 16 years. Our current production capacity is 12,000 Metric tones per year. We are producing very high purity cast iron powder with different grades & mesh size by ASTM / BSS standards.

Manufacturing process is designed to manufacture very high purity cast iron powder. From the selection of raw materials, manufacturing and processing are strictly performed for Quality production. We have our own laboratory for Quality control at every stage of production and so our product is having uniform properties.

Our product is approved by our customer in the field of dyes intermediates, pharmaceutical bulk drugs and specialty chemicals. We are supplying cast iron powder in highly competitive rates with very high quality standards all over India.

Cast Iron Powder (CAS # 7439-89-6)

Mesh size: as per client requirement with wide range as per Internationl standards BSS / Micron / mm / ASTM / Purity: Fe (Iron) above 92 % to 98 %


Cast iron powder is widely used for

  • Reducation Grade
  • Chemicals
  • Pharmaceutical bulk drugs Process
  • Dyes intermediates
  • Specialty chemicals
  • Cosmetic chemicals
  • Deoxidation and catalytic agent
  • Bechamp Reaction
  • Welding Cutting Flame Cuttings
  • Body warmers
  • Nitro Group in to amino group



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